Independent Magazines

Gal-dem UN/REST magazine issue on wooden table with candle, coffee cup and blanket
Gal-dem is a bold, powerful and necessary independent magazine that’s committed to sharing perspectives from women and non-binary people of
Slightly Foxed Issue 65 with rhododendron in vase
Reading Slightly Foxed's independent quarterly magazine is like roaming through an esoteric second-hand bookshop with a well-read friend
Sandwich Magazine issue 1 The BLT front cover
Is there such a thing as a perfect sandwich? Sandwich magazine aims to find out! The first issue all about
Shado Magazine issue two cover
The second issue of Shado magazine, a print and online magazine, is about global womanhood, sharing women's stories on diverse
Fare magazine Glasgow issue front cover flatlay
Fare magazine explores Glasgow's city culture through the intersection of food, history and community and the editor's passion for food
Point.51 magazine issue one Journey close up
I wouldn't have expected to use the word 'uplifting' to describe an independent print magazine about refugees' journeys, but I
Papercut Stockholm
The tech hub of Stockholm is leading the transition to a digital economy, but still finds space for independent print
Stack of magazines Arts Bites
What do you do when you've finished reading a magazine? Store it away, give it to a friend or pop
Ethos Magazine covers for issue 5 and issue 6
I've been wanting to read Ethos magazine for a while and was pleased to buy issue 5 and issue 6
Weapons of Reason Towards Superintelligence cover
Weapons of Reason’s sixth issue, Towards Superintelligence, explores technological innovation and where artificial intelligence could take us, through accessible illustrations,
Why I read independent magazines and books
I’ve written this blog for a long time without really saying much about why I love to read independent magazines.
magazine rack Magalleria Bath
We popped into Magalleria in Bath on the way to visit friends in Bristol the other weekend. As a child
The Procrastination Paper issue one Screen Time
The moment I scrolled to Zabby Allen's post announcing her new magazine the Procrastination Paper, I knew I wanted to
Independent Magazines in Papersmiths
How can you buy independent magazines in the UK and how you can easily browse lots of independent magazines to
The Procrastination Paper postcards and stickers from Zabby Allen
Happy New Year! Even though it's 6 days in to 2019, it doesn't feel right to start this post without
Kyoto Journal issue 92 devotion cover
It’s not often that I read an independent magazine that’s older than I am, so I was impressed to discover
Lifted Brow magazine from Stack Magazines
It’s the first weekend of December, and less than a month to go until Christmas. With present buying and wish-lists
Afrofuturism in Scenario Magazine issue 2 2018
Scenario Magazine is an independent magazine on culture and ideas about possible futures. Founded in 2010 by ‘futurists’ from Copenhagen
The Happy Newspaper with tea and toast
The mainstream news is a pretty depressing read, so Emily Coxhead created The Happy Newspaper to celebrate good news. Emily
Kajet Journal issue 1 magazine cover flat lay
Kajet Journal is an independent journal about Eastern European culture, identity and experiences. I bought issue 1 about Communities as