My 2019 Goals

Happy New Year! Even though it’s 6 days in to 2019, it doesn’t feel right to start this post without saying it! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the year.

In January, I like to reflect on what’s happened in the last year, and set some goals for the new one. Calling them goals helps me to keep my plans realistic and achieve them slowly throughout the year. I’ve found that when I call them resolutions, I expect myself to keep them perfectly from 1st January, and then spend the rest of the year very unmotivated!

Here are a few of my goals for 2019…

Spend time offline

One of my goals for 2019 is to spend more time offline. I’ve had this goal in mind for a while, but I’ve also been inspired by a new monthly independent magazine, the Procrastination Paper. Made by Zabby Allen, the paper motivates procrastinators (yup, that’s me!) to spend time away from screens.

The first issue of the Procrastination Paper launches in early 2019 but as I signed up for a subscription, Zabby sent me some cool stickers and postcards, which is a fun way to keep the goal at the front of my mind before the magazines come through my letterbox.

The Procrastination Paper postcards and stickers from Zabby Allen

I know it will take more than reading a magazine to keep me from mindlessly scrolling the internet. But I’m really pleased to be able to support Zabby’s business that encourages people like me to have time offline to spark creativity. I’ll fill you in on how I get on!

Keep reading books

I love reading independent magazines, but sometimes I just want to lose myself in a nice fat novel. I’ve noticed that I often reach for my phone rather than pick up a book, so I’ve set myself the challenge of reading at least 2 books every month this year.

I kicked off the new year by reading Normal People by Sally Rooney, a coming of age story set in Ireland, which I loved. Not only have I got one book under my belt in January, but I can’t wait to read her other novel, Conversations with Friends.

Normal People by Sally Rooney

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favourites later this year. Is there anything you think I should read?

Explore new independent magazines

This goal kind of goes without saying! For the past few years, I’ve focused my blog on exploring the world of independent magazines. It’s something that I want to keep doing in 2019. There’s so many titles, not to mention so many issues, that I’d love to read!

Last year I posted about some of my favourite new discoveries: Lionheart, Lunch Lady, Kajet Journal, The Happy Newspaper and I loved interviewing Kayti Peschke, founder of Caboodle.

I can’t wait to discover and write about more (new to me) independent magazines. Here are some that are on my radar for 2019:

Slightly Foxed by Foxed Quarterly

Slightly Foxed by Foxed Quarterly

Ambrosia Magazine

Ambrosia Magazine

gal-dem magazine

gal-dem magazine

I’m looking forward to reading books, and independent magazines, and spending more time away from my phone in 2019. What are your goals or resolutions for 2019?