Happy 2017!

January 2017Happy new year! I’m enjoying a brand new year with new resolutions underway. I’m calming down the eating and drinking post-Christmas with my first dry January and a (nearly) veggie month of eating. I’m also following Lauren Laverne’s advice to only take on one task at once, ‘single-tasking’, to stay more relaxed. This year is the year I get married (only 4 months to go!) and juggling work and wedding preparations was quite exhausting last year; I’m determined I won’t be a stressed-out bride this year! Have you got any new years resolutions?

I really enjoyed delving deeper into the world of independent magazines last year on Arts Bites, and I’m looking forward to continuing it this year! I’m also considering a book series too as it’s been something I’d like to write more about for a while. I’m hoping to continue posting fairly regularly this year, however I’ve found wedding plans eating into my non-working time pretty easily so we’ll see how that goes in the first 6 months!

I hope you’re having a great start to the new year!