Kirstin Papworth-Smyth wearing hat outdoorsHi, I’m Kirstin, a print obsessed Londoner! I created Arts Bites to celebrate independent magazines and the inspiring people that create them.

On the blog I share reviews of independent magazines, interviews with creators, and guides to getting started reading independent magazines.

Why I love independent magazines

While I was at university, I picked up a copy of one of the very first issues of Oh Comely magazine. After years of flicking through mainstream women’s magazines, it was incredible to read a magazine with integrity and creativity at its heart.

Oh Comely issue 46

I discovered a world of independently published mags with beautiful photography and memorable stories. I became passionate about independent publishing and I set out to read as many magazines as I could and documented them on the blog.

If you’re new to independent magazines, you may enjoy my reasons to read independent magazines post.

Magazine pile view of spines of Lionheart Magazine, Lunch Lady, Caboodle, Oh Comely

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