Indie Mags: Oh Comely Magazine issue 30

Did you know that Oh Comely magazine was the very first independent magazine I started reading?

Back in 2010 when I was at uni in Brighton I’d gotten bored of reading traditional women’s magazines and just by chance spotted a copy of Oh Comely magazine, hidden at the back of the shelf in the WHSmith in Churchill Square.

Oh Comely feels made for the woman I am, rather than the woman the media think I ought to be.

Oh Comely flatlay


From that very first issue I read, I knew that Oh Comely magazine was special. Instead of fake editor letters, problem pages and horoscopes, I read interviews with musicians I loved, personal and creative stories, and gazed at beautiful illustration and interesting photos.

Oh Comely feels made for the woman I am, rather than the woman the media think I ought to be. I signed up for a subscription and haven’t looked back in over 5 years.

Oh Comely 9

Oh Comely Magazine: Creativity and Curiosity

Oh Comely is a bimonthly magazine based in London focused on creativity and curiosity. Last month they published their 30th issue which was the first issue to be published by Iceberg Press. They also publish The Simple Things magazine which has become Oh Comely’s ‘sister magazine’.

Oh Comely 5

Fittingly, the 30th issue’s theme was all about sisters and sisterhood, which I enjoyed reading about as I have 3 of my own: a twin sister, a younger sister and a sister-in-law!

Oh Comely 4

Piling all my issues of Oh Comely on to the floor was incredible to see how far they’ve come. Thanks to their brilliantly quirky ideas, I’ve read books at the same time as other readers in the Oh Comely Book Club; made a pen friend in the Perfect Strangers project and been inspired by a community of like-minded women. I’m excited to see what the next 30 issues bring!

Oh Comely magazines laid out on the floor

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