May 29, 2017


The beginning of this post signals that the wedding has happened! I am married and I am overjoyed that I have more time for reading independent magazines again, and writing about them! 

Illustoria is a magazine for creative kids and their grownups. But even as a grownup without kids, I fell in love with the simple story-telling approach Illustoria bring to nuanced concepts like friendship, determination and loneliness. The Californian based magazine is published quarterly, having been founded in summer 2016.

Issue 3, Outside-In, had a surprise on every page: comics, DIY ideas, and book recommendations, all with beautiful eye-catching illustrations. This is a magazine you want to spend time with, pore over, and return to time and again. It made me wish I had a little person to share it with. The little person I was would have adored Illustoria, and still does!

Illustoria  website / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Illustoria issue 4 ‘Grow’ is available to buy online 

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