Lionheart Magazine explores Nature in issue 9 ‘Land, Water & Air’

I love the pull of the wilderness in Lionheart magazine. Summer in London is my favourite season to live here. Yet, on the hottest days, I find myself longing for balmy sweet countryside air and the rhythms of nature rather than TfL timetables. Reading Lionheart issue 9 ‘Land, Water & Air’, was a refreshing break from the frenetic pace of city living.

Lionheart feels like a sanctuary to recharge in. A place to dream, to be inspired, and to grow.

inside of Lionheart Magazine issue 9 The Call of the Wild

Lionheart: Nature and Empowerment

Led by founder and editor, Helen Martin, Lionheart is suffused in nature. Based in Bristol, she has been publishing the magazine for 7 years. Her passion for being connected to nature, reflection and empowering women in work, life and motherhood is explored in Lionheart; her voice a ‘roar’ to readers, who she addresses as ‘Lionesses’.

Lioness text in Lionheart magazineWreath-making in Lionheart magazine issue 9The Sea in Cephalonia in Lionheart Magazine

Guardians of the Natural World

Recipes for natural skincare products and wreath-making instructions sit alongside travel pieces about escaping to the wilderness. I really liked learning about Freya Dawson’s journey to being an international editorial documentary photographer, and Gemma Koomen’s artistic process illustrating woodland folk and flowers, inspired by the Northumberland countryside.

Lionheart Freya Dowson photographer interview

Collage of Gemma Koomen illustration in Lionheart

Pride and Purpose in the Magazine

Helen explains her purpose creating Lionheart magazine in an interview with Together and Sunspell, ‘I want every female reader to feel the joy of what is and can be; a treasure of endless possibilities – through creativity, travel, career, words, art.’

Lionheart Magazine illustration Faye West issue 9

Lionheart’s creativity and warmth is evident in every page. The thick, uncoated pages feel like the trees they came from; the warmth of the words reflected in the physical warmth of the pages. Poetic sentences are laced by vibrant illustrations. Ella Masters’ intricate cover illustration leads into another: Faye West‘s waves lapping the edges of the inside cover with a poem by local Bristol poet, Joanna Bennett, setting the mythological, otherworldly tone for the issue.

Lionheart issue 9 Alela Diane interview

Interview Alela Diane in Lionheart issue 9

I’m always on the lookout for independent women’s lifestyle magazines. The best ones create a sense of community and camaraderie and are a source of curiosity and strength.

A Sanctuary to Recharge In

Lionheart feels like a sanctuary to recharge in. A place to dream, to be inspired, and to grow. It’s also a quietly confident guidebook to an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s helped me to realise that it’s easier to embrace the challenge of seeing ourselves as ‘the guardians the earth’, when ‘land, water and air’ is already our compass and anchor in life.

Poem and illustration in Lionheart issue 9 Joanna Bennett Tatterhood and Faye WestLionheart magazine Bold and beautiful illustration Ellen Waldren

Lionheart issue 9 ‘Land, Water & Air’ is out now. Available online or from stockists.