Introducing Indie Mags Series

Independent MagazinesLast week I wrote about my blog journey, a personal post that felt a little scary to press ‘publish’ on.

Following on from last week, part of Artsbites’ ‘new direction’ is starting a series about independent magazines that I’m calling ‘Indie Mags’. Well, it’s actually already started – the first in the series was Lodestar Anthology, and the idea was peculating during the¬†Lifestyle Magazines for the Creative Minded post!

We’re going through a bit of a surprising golden age for print. Despite how digital our lives have become, printed independent magazines have been cropping up all over Europe. Not only that but there are also new magazines shops springing up,¬†filling a little niche in paper lovers’ souls. See the post about Magazine Brighton to find out about a little haven dedicated to independent magazines.

I hope you enjoy sharing a digital look through some of my favourite new indie mags with me. Perhaps you’ll be flicking through some magazines soon!