Bushstock Festival

St Stephens Church Shepherds Bush Villagers

With Lucy Rose, Michael Kiwanuka and Villagers headlining at Communion Records’ Bushstock Festival in Shepherds Bush last night, it was incredibly tough deciding who to see. Thankfully we had several hours of brilliant music to indulge in first!

In the end we plumped for Villagers’ intimate folk music in serene St Stephen’s Church and it was an absolute treat after a day of dashing manically between venues to see relatively unknown artists like Jack Watts and Lake Komo. Conor’s wavering melodies, already delicately crafted on the recordings, were rearranged for the show; a wonderful touch that made the night even more magical.

We were gutted to miss secret sets from Nick Mulvey and The Staves, and at times the festival was frustratingly overcrowded, with venues regularly reaching capacity from mid-afternoon. Nevertheless, Bushstock was a little gem of a festival in the heart of London with a very brilliant lineup, which will be hard to resist next year now we know Shepherds Bush is only a bus ride away!

If you fancy the sound of Bushstock Festival check out this year’s lineup in the official Spotify playlist: