A Pilgrimage to Papersmiths, Bristol

Ever since Papersmiths opened in Bristol I’ve wanted to visit. Colourful stationery and independent magazines equals my dream come true. I have drooled over Papersmiths’ Instagram for ages. And when I finally made the trip, it was just as good as I’d hoped.

Papersmiths and independent magazines

The shelving covering one long wall of Papersmiths is totally dedicated to independent magazines. First editions of the newest magazines sit alongside old favourites. A wall crammed full of pops of colour, different sizes and shapes; a totally beautiful sight. I couldn’t go home with them all, as much as would have loved to. So I chose Walnut and Cedar, both first editions, and magazines I hoped would get me in the mood for spring!

Independent Magazines in PapersmithsPapersmiths magazines in 2018Inside Papersmiths Bristol

Papersmiths magazines on bottom shelfPapersmiths magazines side angle of wall

Papersmiths Magazines by window

Colour coordination

Happiness has many forms. New stationery is one of them. So says the sign outside Papersmiths! I adore their styling of pens, pencils, notebooks and cards. Every product is carefully grouped by colour and displayed with lots of white space around it. And it makes even the simplest pen or pencil look incredibly enticing.

Papersmiths pens and pencils display

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Papersmiths pilgrimage

I would love to live a little closer to Papersmiths. They’ve opened a new branch in East London that I’m excited to trek over to (why is London so big!). I know that if I lived in Bristol I’d find excuses to pop to Papersmiths all the time. Maybe I need to move…

Papersmiths Bristol view from stairs

Papersmiths plants
Papersmiths lettering on windowHappiness has many forms. New stationery is one of them.