Indie Mags: Print Isn’t Dead

Print Isn't Dead front cover

When the lovely people at Stack popped Print Isn’t Dead Element 004 through my door, it took me ages to work out what the name of this colourful design magazine was. Every time I saw ‘Print Isn’t Dead’ I assumed it was a slogan, y’know, like all us independent magazine lovers hashtag our social media posts? Am I right?

Print Isn’t Dead couldn’t be a better name for this graphic design, illustration and printmaking magazine. Not only is it in print, but the magazine is all about print artists. A whole world of letterpress, typography and illustration has been opened to me that I didn’t know about.

Print Isn’t Dead is produced by People of Print, a creative community, originally founded by Marcroy Eccleston Smith in 2013. The magazine gives a fantastic insight into printers’ lives and work. The featured artwork is bold and inspiring, and I love the use of bright lime green text throughout the magazine – I had no idea how well that colour would work on both black and white backgrounds. Print Isn’t Dead not only rebels against the digital age, it suggests that for some things – bright, bold posters, intricate artwork, graphic novels – print will always be the best way.

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