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Peeps Tracking cultural shifts around the world

Issue 2 of Peeps Magazine Crossing Thresholds, true to its name, explores people across the world; their outlooks; their lives. I loved reading a magazine where the loss of work for prostitutes in Paris shares editorial space with Maori beliefs that rivers are legal people with their own rights. Although such varying cultures, both share themes of nostalgia for the past and determination to fight for a better future.

Peeps explores a huge variety of topics engagingly and sensitively. Delving into the age old question ‘why are women’s bathroom queues longer than men’s?’ and reporting about the ‘cyber village’ in Indonesia, Kampoeng Cyber, where almost all 150 residents have high speed internet in the space of a few pages shows just how well they have distilled seemingly disparate social shifts from around the world into a cohesive issue.

Peeps magazine is insightful and eclectic. I didn’t know what to expect every time I turned the page, only to delve deeper and deeper into cultures and outlooks I didn’t know existed. The perfect anthropological research magazine! Peeps 4 On the Origins of the bathroom lineupPeeps magazine double page spreadPeeps 5 Not wanted on the rue saint-denis

Peeps 7 volume 2 articlePeeps 6 inside volume 2

Peeps magazine 02 Crossing Thresholds

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