Indie Mags: Another Escape

Magazine front cover of Another Escape, volume five

Photo spread in Another Escape volume five

It’s hardly surprising that Another Escape, the independent magazine I’ve just finished reading, is based in Bristol. The city is an amazing hub for the renaissance of independent print magazines. But Another Escape doesn’t feel like it’s creators Rachel Taylor and Jody Daunton produce it in Bristol. Reading Another Escape feels like it was made in a log cabin halfway up a mountain in the wilderness, printed on paper made by a local artisan lumberjack!

The aesthetic of Another Escape is of outdoor adventures and creative artisan lifestyles. The magazine is printed on heavy 140gsm paper, and it feels solid and durable in my hands, reflecting the rugged images and stories inside. The stories are anchored to a person and a craft – whether that’s Jack walking the Pacific Crest Trail in ‘We Walk Landscapes’ or Chris’ natural fabric-care ‘Otter Wax’ in ‘Worn Wear, Worn Again’. Stories are punctuated with breathtaking pictures of the outdoor landscape, that seem to become more atmospheric and rich the longer you look at them.

Making soap pictures in Another Escape magazine volume five

View of the spine of Another Escape magazine, volume five

Page numbers on the edge of Another Escape magazine pages in volume five

Two pages from Another Escape magazine blue and white contrast

Close up of the contents page in Another Escape magazine, volume five

It wouldn’t be right to review Another Escape and not mention the design work. The contents page is presented in almost mathematical precision, divided into 4 sections each containing 4 stories, and flows on through the magazine with symbols marked on the edges of the page to show what article you’re reading. I love that the structure of the magazine is exposed. It feels very natural in Another Escape as its stories celebrate the creative structure of craftsmanship – growing permaculture, making sustainable bags, building homes as a community – all could not be done without precise measuring. The symbols, which begin on the front cover, remind me of symbols on a map and echo the outdoor lifestyle spirit of Another Escape.

Another Escape is an inspiring independent magazine to read. It stands out against our current disposable society and celebrates people who make natural products with their hands and often without technology. The tone of the magazine is never preachy, every story is written with the spirit of exploration and discovery at the core. I love that Another Escape celebrates and promotes niche craft lifestyles and products, as, by contributing to the resurgence of print magazines, they are also one themselves!

Photo spread in volume five Another Escape magazine

Contents page of volume five of Another Escape magazine

Horse picture in Another Escape magazine volume five

People rowing boat infront of hills in Another Escape magazine

Man in the outdoors beard and rucksack Another Escape magazine pictureI read Another Escape volume 5, which is on sale now.