Hello, 2016!

January calendar with blue vase on tableHappy new year!┬áMost bloggers have begun 2016 with a ‘resolutions’ post and, although I’m a little late to it, as it’s nearing the end of January, I thought it would make a great first post for 2016!

My resolution is to share more of my personal life on my blog. I’ve loved writing about independent magazines – sprinkled with the odd theatre or book review, but I love reading other people’s blogs and getting an insight into their lives. In fact, if a blog doesn’t have an ‘About’ page I lose interest quite quickly – I’m pretty nosy really!

I’ve kept myself quite anonymous here so far because I haven’t felt entirely comfortable sharing my personal life on the internet. I haven’t had any particularly bad experiences in the past with over-sharing as I’ve always been reserved about opening up online, but I think by now I’m ready to dip my toes in the water and share a bit more!

I don’t know if this is something that other bloggers have struggled with – by the nature of it, bloggers (and vloggers) are posting on the internet to share their lives. I won’t be putting my whole life online (and definitely no cringe get it off my chest rants, I promise!), but the odd titbit now and then, especially when I have something exciting to share will definitely be coming your way!