Healthy Food and Natural Living with Walnut Magazine

I’ve always been interested in food. Everything from the flavours, textures, smells, colours, to the roots of where the recipe has come from. An ideal night in for me is watching Chef’s Table or some similarly beautifully shot food programme. And an ideal night out is at a street food market; trying exciting new flavours in passionately made dishes.

Recently, my food curiosity is seeping into how foods make me feel. While there’s a growing awareness of the health implications of eating sugar and processed food, I still feel a bit in the dark about the links between what I eat and my health.

Walnut Magazine issue 3 coverWalnut Magazine

Walnut is a health and lifestyle magazine about food that I discovered when I visited Papersmiths in Bristol earlier this year. I’m wary of any suggested ‘quick cures’, or insidious scaremongering in any health-related publications. But after a quick flick through, Walnut magazine seemed balanced, informative and educational, so I happily bought the third issue.

Walnut magazine issue 3 health section about the thyroid

Health, Food and People

Walnut magazine explores the health benefits of certain foods and lifestyles. Dermot and Emma Rushe are the couple behind Walnut. Emma is a holistic practitioner, and Dermot a graphic designer. Together they have created a clean, contemporary independent magazine about health and food. The magazine is divided into 3 sections: health, food, and people. In issue 3, the health section has longer articles about the thyroid, sugar, endometriosis and the pursuit of happiness. I found the physiological articles about the thyroid and endometriosis the most interesting. The lack of medical jargon, applied to real-life situations, helped to make such complex topics so much easier to understand.

Walnut magazine food recipes in issue 3

The food section has delicious seasonal recipes, along with not one but four dessert recipes! The last section of the magazine looks at people that run businesses supporting a natural approach to food and beauty. From a mother-and-daughter-run natural skincare company, to a husband and wife duo making raw chocolate bars from cacao.

Walnut magazine people issue 3 odylique interview

Although we have amazing access to information on the internet, finding trustworthy sources that you can actually understand is quite hard sometimes. I found Walnut to be a balanced, holistic and interesting source of natural living and diet for health advice. Emma and Dermot created the first couple of issues in Bath, and with a recent move to Devon, it will be interesting to see how Walnut evolves in future.